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Mr Jawad have a broad base unique experience of operating on patients from different ethnic groups or backgrounds from Caucasian, to Asian, to Afro-Caribbean clients. He also has a great interest and vast amounts of experience in burns reconstruction, helping victims throughout their early and late stages of treatment.

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Dr. Jawad is trained and experienced in the safest and most effective facial rejuvenation techniques and can recommend the most appropriate treatment approach to address your aesthetic desires and improve your overall appearance.

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Lower body lift is a body procedure that generally targets a person's thighs and lower abdomen to improve the appearance of the lower body with little scarring. After extreme weight loss or pregnancy, many people are left with excess skin that can be embarrassing and unattractive.

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Dr. M. Jawad provides this popular cosmetic surgery procedure, making it available to women who wish to improve the appearance and size of their breasts. Dr Jawad will provide you with confidential advice, ensure you have a realistic idea of the correct breast enhancement for you, and empower you to make the best decisions possible.

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TEDMED LIVE Imperial College
21st April, 2013

A brilliant talk was given by plastic surgeon and Oscar award winner; Mohammed Jawad on reconstructive surgery. His work on the inspiring, lovely Katie Pipier was highlighted alongside the documentary 'Saving Face' which showed his work on acid burn victims.

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Saving Face
January 2013 - Jawad Documentary Screens on Channel 4
Oscar Winning documentary 'Saving Face' featuring Mohammad Jawad screens on Channel 4
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