Child Care International


Child Care International’s direct and singular aim is to help impoverished children. While the charity helps children i other parts of the world to the UK, it has an administrative department in the UK which ensures that the maximum amount of donations/contributions go to where it is needed most – to the children. As well as funding educational projects, vocational training and the building of fresh water wells in impoverished communities, it also runs medical operations to help poor children receive medicine and financial support to pay for crucial medical operations.

Our Involvement

In 1998, Mohammad Jawad was part of a team led by surgeon Fazal Fateh in Lahore, Pakistan, assisting in over 20 procedures to repair the cleft palates of affected children. Some time after, he was also involved in a similar project for Child Care International, this time independently performing over 30 cleft palate cases as a Plastic Surgeon alongside Michael Cadier in Larkana, Pakistan.