Saving Face-Live and Let Live

Acid attacks are perpetrated in a number of countries and more often than not against women by their partners or other family members. Dr. Jawad took a very serious step against this violence and come back to his home country by securing the faces of those who are the victims of such violence. He played a very bright role and due to his efforts and hardship “Saving Face” won an Oscar in 2012.

Saving face was considered as the best documentary short subject. The documentary highlighted the attacks on Zakia and Rukhsana. These brave ladies didn’t survive but they struggled for their right. There are over 100 acid attacks reported in Pakistan every year and much more go unreported.

Zakia, the intense character of The Saving Face told her story to the people. She says: “My husband threw acid on me, he was a drug addict and an alcoholic”.

Sarkar Abbas was chosen as the advocate of Zakia.

Another crucial character Rukhsana shared her story that she had a physical exam before her surgery and was pregnant with an 8 weeks old child.

Dr. Jawad did his best for giving these two victims their life back and surgery was done under the supervision of skilled doctors.

Zakia went through sorrowful calamity but in the end, her husband was sentenced to death twice as the parliament passed a bill unanimously.