The Katie Piper Foundation


Mr Mohammad Jawad led the burns reconstruction surgery in the much documented ‘Katie Piper Story’, the case of a young model who was brutally attacked with acid in 2008 and left with horrfic burns to the face and body. The story was covered internationally by the world’s press and touched the hearts of those in all corners of the globe

Since the attack, Ms Piper has been under the treatment of Mr Jawad who has performed a series of pioneering, ground-breaking operations to rebuild and restore her face and the affected areas of her body through the use of artificial skin substitutes, grafts and other surgical techniques. Mr Jawad has been hailed by some as a ‘medical genius’ for his surgical work and has featured in several documentaries covering the case, including Channel 4’s much acclaimed documentary ‘My Beautiful Face’ which was part of the flagship ‘Cutting Edge’ series.

Our Involvement

Following her rehabilitation, Katie Piper launched her own charity – The Katie Piper Foundation. The charity, which helps raise support and funding for burns victims across the UK, has become very close to Mr Jawad’s heart and following its launch he was named as one of its trustees, along with celebrity icon Simon Cowell.

Mr Jawad has expressed delight at the charity being launched and is eager to support and endorse the plight of the Katie Piper Foundation in making specialist treatment and reconstructive surgery more readily available to those who have suffered from burns and require help with their rehabilitation.

For further information about the charity and to make a donation, please visit: